Q. What waste kit is compatible with my sink?  

A. Most of our Leisure sinks are supplied without a waste kit, on each product page specific to the sink you have purchased you will find the compatible waste information listed under ‘technical specification’ or on the ‘data sheet’ provided with the sink. Please note all sink and tap packs include a compatible waste kit as standard.


Q. Can stainless steel sinks rust?  

A. Our stainless steel sinks are manufactured using grade 304 18/10 stainless steel, this particular material is designed not to rust when used in accordance with our product user guides. 


Q. What warranty comes with my sink?

A. All stainless steel sinks offer a 10 year warranty. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear occurring through use of the product, stainless steel through its lifetime will scratch and gradually form a matt finish which is not detrimental to the material. For the warranty to apply the owner must follow the 'Care and Cleaning' instructions provided with the sink. Accessories and waste fittings are not included in this warranty.


Q. How do I identify if I need a left-hand or right-hand sink?

A. The majority of our inset sinks are supplied with a reversible drainer and these sinks are supplied with a tap hole stopper which blanks off the unused tap hole. Some of our sinks are supplied with handed drainers, the drainer position is identified by the handing in which the drainer will sit. For example if you wish the bowl to sit on the right-hand side and the drainer on the left-hand side, this sink would be a left-hand sink.

LH: Left-hand drainer position

RH: Right-hand drainer position


Q. Are Leisure sinks compliant with CE & UKCA marking requirements?

A. Yes, all Leisure stainless steel sinks are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13310:2015 + A1:2018, and BS EN 695:2005. Our factory also meets the following ISO standards; Quality System BS EN 9001:2015, Environmental System BS EN 14001:2015 & Occupational Health & Safety System BS ISO 45001:2018.


Q. How should I clean my kitchen sink?   

A. Always use a soft cloth. The use of coarse grit scouring powders or soap-filled wire wool cleaning pads is not recommended, since both will mark the surface of the sink. Wire wool pads can leave tiny fragments of wire embedded in the surface and these can rust and leave small brown rust stains. Vigorous rubbing with a soft cloth with a proprietary cream cleaner or stainless steel sink cleaner will remove these stains. Always remove wet cleaning aids (cloths, containers, etc.) from the sink surface after use to avoid the formation of water marks and rust stains.





Q. What are Leisure taps made of?

A. All Leisure taps are manufactured using high-grade brass, which are then finished with a hardwearing, premium chrome plating.


Q. What is the difference between single and dual flow taps?

A. A single flow tap features a single chamber in the single spout where the hot and cold-water feeds mix in the cartridge and spout before exiting through the aerator. A dual flow tap features two chambers in the single spout keeping hot and cold-water feeds separate upon exit.


Q. How do I find out what pressure tap I need?

A. The flow of water is determined from the water pressure available in your home, identifying the type of plumbing system already installed will help you choose a tap to suit your water pressure.

Water pressure is measured in ‘bar’, anything under 0.5 bar requires a tap that is compatible with “All Pressure” water systems, which are specifically designed to suit low pressure water systems but can also be used with medium or high-pressure water systems too.

If you are unsure of what water pressure exists in your home, we recommend that you contact a qualified tradesman for advice before purchasing.


Q. Where can I find pressure information for my tap?

A. The majority of our taps are designed to work with all pressure water systems, including low-pressure systems. Please refer to the Technical Specifications section on our kitchen taps product pages where our minimum operating bar pressure information is available.  


Q. What does ‘All Pressure’, ‘Medium Pressure’ and ‘High Pressure’ refer to?

A. We separate our taps into three pressure categories as follows:-

ALL PRESSURE – The majority of our taps are designed to work with all plumbing systems, including low-pressure hot water tanks operating at 0.2 bar onwards.

MEDIUM PRESSURE – Some of our taps require plumbing systems with a higher bar pressure of 0.5 bar onwards.

HIGH PRESSURE – These taps require a plumbing system with 1.0 bar of higher when installing.


Q. Where can I find flow rate information for my tap?

A. Please refer to the Technical Specifications section on our kitchen taps product pages which illustrates our flow rates information.


Q. What is WRAS approval and how can I find out if my tap has this?

A. WRAS is the UK’s Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, and supports water companies in their role to supply safe, resilient water supplies in the UK, by promoting the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws. The majority of Leisure branded taps hold WRAS certification - offering peace of mind when purchasing. Please refer to the “Data Sheet” on each product page to find out whether that particular tap holds WRAS approval.


Q. What does ‘Anti-Splash’ mean? 

A. An anti-splash tap features a specific type of aerator, this type of aerator features a honeycomb design which mixes air with water to emit a soft ‘champagne like’ water flow with no splash.


Q. What are Aquanomic taps?

A. Aquanomic taps offer a low flow rate of 3.8 l/min, these taps are designed in accordance with the code for sustainable homes. Featuring a low flow rate means less water is wasted and offers lower running costs.


Q. What is a ceramic disc cartridge?

A. These cartridges include two ceramic discs, which open and close the valve when the handle is operated. A ceramic disc cartridge offers a water tight seal so the tap does not drip and offers smoother handle control and water flow precision.


Q. What is the warranty period for my tap?

A. Leisure taps offer a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects, please refer to our sink and tap warranty page for more information.


Q. How do I clean my kitchen tap?

A. To maintain the appearance of your kitchen tap, ensure that it is regularly cleaned only using a clean, soft damp cloth. A solution of warm water and a mild liquid detergent may be used where necessary, and then the fitting rinsed thoroughly and wiped dry. Any other cleaning action will invalidate your warranty.

Abrasive cleaners, scouring cleaners and acidic cleaners must not be used under any circumstances. Avoid contact with all solvents (including chlorinated solvents, ketones or acetones as these may result in surface deterioration or etching). Also avoid contact with any harsh household chemicals such as oven cleaners, drain cleaners, rust removers, paint strippers, bar keepers friend or Brasso.

Where the tap has a removable aerator on the spout exit it can be removed and cleaned periodically to maintain optimum flow performance.


Q. My tap has arrived with water in the spout, what should I do?

A. As part of our quality process, every tap that leaves the factory is water tested to ensure the tap supplied has no leaks present, this may mean that some residual water is present in the tap spout when the product is opened.   


Q. My kitchen tap has started to drip, what can I do to stop it?

A. Some dripping is often normal, especially if the spout is a ‘swan’ neck design where water is held in the return section.

If the tap is constantly dripping it means the valve(s) need replacing. We recommend you isolate your hot and cold water supplied individually to check which valve needs replacing. Please contact our customer service department for spare parts information.


Q. The spout on my kitchen tap wobbles, what should I do?

A. The grub screw or locking collar may have become loose, to fix this ensure the spout is fully inserted into the body of the tap and tighten the spout fixing nut or screw.


Q. My Kitchen tap has become loose on my worktop, what should I do?

A. The base seal may be missing – check this is fitted underneath the tap, it should be present between the tap base and sink surface. Alternatively, the fixing kit fitted underneath the sink securing the tap may not be tight enough, to fix this tighten the fixing kit fully using a spanner or basin wrench.